Life and AD&D Insurance

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Life and AD&D Insurance

life and ad&d insurance


Effective July 1, 2007, the State of New Mexico's policy offers Basic Life and AD&D insurance equal to $50,000. Effective July 1, 2013, premiums for the Basic Life coverage will be paid by the State of New Mexico for State of New Mexico employees. Other eligible public employees should check with their Employer for contribution levels. State police and correctional officers are covered for an additional $25,000, which is paid by the State and other eligible public Employers.

The State of New Mexico, recognizing that individuals have different needs, is providing this opportunity to apply for the right amount of protection for you and your family at very competitive group rates. If you qualify for Basic Life insurance under the policy, you may also apply for Additional Life and AD&D insurance. You may elect Additional Life and AD&D coverage in any multiple of one, two, three, four or five times your annual earnings, to a maximum of $400,000. The cost of Additional Life insurance is fully paid by the employee. All employee contributions are made through payroll deduction. In certain circumstances, you may be required to provide evidence of insurability.

The cost of Dependents Life insurance is shared by the employee and the State of New Mexico. The insurance policy provides $10,000 of coverage for an eligible spouse/domestic partner. The insurance policy also provides $5,000 of coverage for eligible child(ren).

If you elect Additional Life insurance, Additional AD&D is automatically added to your election.

Beneficiary Designations

If you elect coverage, you will need to designate your beneficiaries on the Beneficiary Designation/Change form, which is retained by your Human Resources Department. The form must be signed, dated and delivered to HR before it will be valid. If you have any questions, please refer to the Beneficiary Designation Commonly Asked Questions flyer or contact Human Resources.

Travel Assistance

Designed to respond to most medical care situations and many other emergencies you and your family may experience when you travel 100 miles or more from your home. Travel Assistance provides a wide-ranging program of information, referral, coordination and assistance services. These services include pre-trip assistance, medical assistance, emergency transportation, travel and technical assistance, legal services and medical supplies. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year whether you are 100 or 10,000 miles from home. For more details see the Travel Assistance brochure in English or Spanish and simply print and carry the Travel Assistance Card from the back of the brochure to use this service.

For answers to commonly asked questions, costs, exclusions, limitations and reductions, please review the Additional Life and AD&D Insurance Booklet and Group Life Insurance Certificate.