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Long Term Disability Insurance


Broward County Board of County Commissioners has chosen Standard Insurance Company to provide Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance coverage to eligible employees. The Standard delivers real value through well-designed products, competitive prices and the promise of exceptional service. The Standard is a leading provider of employee benefits products and services and insures nearly 26,500 groups, covering 8.5 million employees nationwide.1 Just as others count on you, you can count on The Standard to help protect your family in their time of need.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance is designed to pay a monthly benefit to you in the event you cannot work for 90 days or longer because of a covered illness or injury. This LTD benefit replaces a portion of your income, helping you to meet your financial commitments in a time of need.

To be a member and eligible for LTD coverage, you must be an active employee employed in a position included in the Broward County Personnel Cap, regularly working at least 20 hours each week and a citizen or resident of the United States or Canada. An eligible employee does not include a temporary or seasonal employee, full-time member of the armed forces, leased employee or independent contractor.

Review the materials below to learn about LTD insurance benefits you may be eligible for and answers to commonly asked questions including, costs, eligibility requirements, exclusions, limitations and reductions in benefits.

Long Term Disability

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1 Based on Standard Insurance Company's internal data as of December 2011